“A meal at Jerk Shack takes you someplace else”

…one can willfully trigger vacation mode at almost any time and in almost any place. For instance, dinnertime on a weekday in Belltown. “That’s what we’re after,” Trey Lamont, Jerk Shack’s owner and head chef, tells me later over the phone. “I want Jerk Shack to be the food of the sun. When you walk…

jerk mac-n-cheese

“The flavorful fried jerk chicken is big enough for two, but you won’t want to miss sides of mac ‘n’ cheese and cornbread” ~ Seattle Magazine Eat & Drink  

trey’s secret dry jerk rub recipe

“Caribbean-influenced, intensely flavorful, all made from scratch down to grinding the spices for the jerk rub and churning the ice cream for dessert. “I love cooking everything,” Lamont says. “I think cooking is one of the most natural things for me—tasting things, smelling things. Some people can hear a song and play it without taking…

seafood gumbo special

Well it’s a Hit!!! We have been selling this gumbo so well I have to make another batch!

jerk smoked ribs

Love ribs and aren’t scared to get your hands a little dirty? Then come in and try our Jerk Smoked Ribs. I guarantee you haven’t tried ribs like ours.  Our smoked Jerk Ribs are fall off the bone, and are always on the menu unless we sellout so come try something new and delicious at the…

cuban spiced salmon

Our Cuban spiced PNW salmon will blow your mind. It’s pan seared in butter & sauced with cilantro lime garlic aka papa verde 😅 Best Caribbean food in Seattle    

the only REAL jerk fried chicken

We have the only REAL!!! JERK FRIED CHICKEN in Seattle, plus pistachio rice. If you doubt me just name the place that has better than ours. Don’t forget the lavender cucumber limeade and lychee lemonade, we are open from 4pm every day

island cocktails

Vincey Rum Punch ~ {From St. Vincent Island} Caribbean Rum, Key Lime, Pineapple, Fresh Orange Juice, Caribbean Bitters, Grenadine & Fresh Grated Nutmeg 10.5 Desert Island Paloma ~ Sage infused Xicaru Mezcal, Lime, & Grapefruit Juices  12 Ginga Rinha ~  Cachaça, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, & Fresh Ginger 12 Bermuda Lime ~  Aloo Gin, Limeade, Gingerbeer 10.5 Corn n’ Oil…

urban oasis patio

In the summer you might walk by the Jerk Shack and see people striding in and then disappearing somewhere. They are heading to the SECRET GARDEN PATIO in the back! Like City Arts Magazine Jonathan Zwickel said, just change your location and your state of mind for VACATION MODE. And don’t forget as the restaurant…

smell the island cooking

You can see the Jerk spice on the Caribbean lobster we serve with our fried white fish and Smokey grits here at the Jerk Shack

feed your soul

And come in for some Caribbean hospitality! If you get invited to someone’s house in the Caribbean they’ll treat you like family automatically. People say that’s Southern hospitality but where do you think that came from? How much more Southern can you get than the Caribbean?