homemade flavor

From tender smoked meats to sweet potato cornbread with jalapeño honey lime garlic ginger butter…

crab salad

Cucumber mango King crab salad for the ones who don’t want Jerk Chicken 😁

cuban spiced salmon

Our Cuban spiced PNW salmon is pan seared in butter & sauced with cilantro lime garlic aka papa verde 😅 Best Caribbean food in Seattle    

grilled jerk ribeye

Our Jerk Ribeye steak with housemade bacon, candied jalapeño & caramelized onions is served with pistachio rice & Yucca fries ~ one of the best steaks you can get in town

island cocktails

Vincey Rum Punch 9.5 From St. Vincent Island Caribbean Rum, Key Lime, Pineapple, Fresh Orange Juice, Caribbean Bitters, Grenadine & Fresh Grated Nutmeg Desert Island Paloma 12 Sage infused Xicaru Mezcal, Lime, & Grapefruit Juices Ginga Rinha 12 Cachaça, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, & Fresh Ginger Belltown 75 11 Aloo Gin, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Bubbles…